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BBQ Competition Secrets
BBQ Smoker Plans

Build a BBQ Smoker grill from these very detailed how to plans! Turn out award winning smoke barbecued food that will impress friends and neighbors! Great for smoke cooking brisket, pork shoulders, pork butts, pork loins, slabs of ribs, whole chickens, turkeys and hams. This design is for a medium sized offset smoker pit with lots of great features! The more you use it, the better it gets!

Features:  The cooking chamber features a heavy duty hinge on the door, temperature gauge, and large 12" by 35" fold down shelf in the front. The offset firebox features a heavy duty grate, sliding draft control doors, spring loaded door latch and a heat baffle (between firebox and chamber). Handle and large wheels for mobility over rough terrain. Use as a wood smoker or charcoal smoker - or both! Firebox and cooking chamber are made from 1/4" thk. steel.

Size:  Height (not including chimney) is 46". Length (from handle to firebox) is 63". Cooking chamber is 18" in diameter by 35" long. The firebox is 16" by 16". The cooking surface will be approximately 30in. wide by 17in. deep.

Plans Include:  Detailed step-by-step instructions, parts list, suppliers list, building hints and tips, and lots of CAD drawings and 3D views.

Skill Level:  Moderate welding and fabricating skills required.

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