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BBQ Competition Secrets
The Backyard Barbecue Cookbook

The Backyard Barbecue Cookbook
Edited By Sally Feldman

To make sure you get perfect results every time, this book explains all the barbecue cooking techniques and suggests ways to prepare and cook your food to really make the most of its natural flavors. In addition, you'll find practical information about types of barbecues, equipment, and accessories, and features recipes that bring the flavors of the world to your backyard. .

The recipes in this book bring the flavors of the world into your back garden. Follow simple recipes for marinades and sauces and transform meat into spicy treats such as Tandoori-Style Lamb, Moroccan Beef Koftas and Oriental Lamb Fillets. Successful barbecuing is not limited to red meatóchicken, vegetables, and most types of seafood can be cooked to perfection over hot coals. Recipes such as Honey Soy Chicken Drumsticks, Stuffed Pumpkins with Cheesy Sauce or simple Barbecued Seafood platters are guaranteed to impress.

Transform your barbecued meat and seafood into a fabulous meal with a few well-chosen accompaniments. Refreshing salsas, crisp salads, home-made bread, and tempting desserts all work together to round off the perfect al fresco meal.

Well illustrated in color.
255 pages
Published by Bay Books
Size(inches) 9 x 12
ISBN: 174045247X
Item No: BKS1002
Weight: 1.5lbs.