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BBQ Competition Secrets
Wine Soaked Wood Grilling Cooking Planks (Oak)
$ 8.95

Wine Soaked Wood Grilling Planks are by far the best method for plank cooking on a grill or in the oven. Plank cooked foods are rich in flavor and moist all the way through because they roast in their own juices and are fragrant with wood smoke from the plank. Today, this cooking technique has become one of the hottest methods of gourmet cooking. It used to be that the best method was to use a cedar plank. Not anymore - wine seasoned grilling planks have raised the bar!

These planks are soaked in fine California wines for up to 3 years and add a mild wine and Oak taste to all your cooked foods. They work great for fish, veggies, pork, steak and other cuts of meat. The end result is fast, easy and naturally delicious! Easy to use - just soak the plank in water before each use, place meat on plank and cook on grill or oven to get that moist, tender and amazing rich flavor enhanced by the essence of the wood!

Size: 3 planks to a package
Shipping Wt: 2lbs.
Item No: ACS7023